Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Shoveling Fitness Craze

Another snow day today! My goodness.

The upside is: I got to shovel. Yep. I love to shovel.

As we speak, Dr. Bri is figuring out how to post our injury free shoveling technique video online. Our computers are being cranky about it, so stay tuned.

Let me explain many of you well know we are parents of three fantastic children aged 6 to 10. They have activities to go to, meals to be cooked (we do everything from scratch...more on that in a later post), and stories to be read to them at night. If I had to actually GO TO THE GYM, it would never happen. I'd be like this guy:
...except maybe a little less bright eyed and bushy tailed. (Anybody remember him, by the way? Yes, I'm getting old. Sorry if you don't get my pop culture references).

So I walk briskly to work, do workout videos at home before everybody else is up to save the drive and clothes changing time and when the opportunity arises, shovel snow. Today's 57 minutes spent shoveling the driveway netted me a 669 calorie burn with an average heart rate of  124 beat per minute. See the screen shot below.
I take a wireless speaker out with me, listen the Rolling Stones Radio on Pandora and do about an hour of deep lunges (that's what proper shoveling looks like) and go inside to peel off the sweaty clothes.

I post this not to say you should shovel instead of snow blowing or any such thing, but our labor saving devices are actually contributing a few nails to all our coffins as we lean on them too much. You see, the less you physically do for yourself, the less conditioned your body becomes, and the less able it is to handle challenges and stay healthy for years to come. Since I'm trying to live to 100 in perfect health, that's important to me. If it is to you, too, then try adding some everyday workouts in. Share this post, and let us know how you fit everyday fitness into your hectic modern life. I think you can comment here, or share your story with us at

Yours in everlasting vibrant health,

Dr. Seth

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